Monteith College

Plenary Papers


A Reminiscence of 16-Plus Years at Monteith College

Cliff L. Maier, 6/15/09

Monteith: The Monteith Experience

Martin M. Herman, 8/5/09

Monteith Book Project

Martin M. Herman, 6/26/09

32 Years at Wayne State University:
A Long and Varied Career Revisited

Martin M. Herman, 6/26/09

How It All Ended

Yates Hafner. 8/27/09

Notes on the History of General Education

Yates Hafner, 8/27/09

New Faculty: 1974-75

Yates Hafner, 6/29/09

Monteith Alive

Paule Verdet, 8/31/09

The files on this page were prepared for the Plenary portion of the Reunion event.